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  1. Hi Rick, I have a Firefly, too, like you played on Cinnamon Girl, and I like it a lot. A coupleof things about it I'm not to sure about and I wondered if you could give me your thoughts. Do you take the stress off the drum by turning over the the bridge? I didn't for some time, and in fact i didn't play it for a little while at this time and I now wonder if the skin on the drum has stretched a little because the action is a lot closer than I remember. It may just be that my memory is not what it was. perhaps you could measure the action height at the 12th fret for me so i can get an idea if mine is still OK. Rough enough is good enough. As a point of reference I can just slide two credit cards under the G string on TOP of the frets at the 12th fret. Not really a luthiers way of doing it I suspect, but I just want a rough check.
    If you cannot check it don't fret, I am just wondering.. Thanks
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