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  1. Milwaukee should be a blast, Sukie. Like you, I've attended several different festivals. They are all unique and fun. Ric
  2. Hey Ric, make sure this years fest is successful. I'd like to go next year. Milwaukee fest is Oct. 20th this year. It is now an every other year thing. Which frees things up for next year!
  3. Sure -- drive drive us midwesterners crazy with these San Diego events. Wish I was a tad bit richer.
  4. I love reverb too, Sukie. It gives the uke a more "full" sound, like playing in a concert hall. Keep me updated on your progress at the upcoming gigs. Ric
  5. Hey ricdoug -- I LOVE being "electric". I think I've found my sound. Reverb is great. Thanks again.
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