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  1. Thanks for the heads-up about my PM message box. I've cleared out some space.
  2. That walnut is AMAZING!!

    Your PM box is full btw.
  3. Hey Mark,
    I posted a pic of my peghead in the compass rose group pictures. I didn't know where else to post it.

  4. Hey Gary,
    I don't remember if Daniel was at the NorCal Uke Fest last year (I looked for a list of 2011 performers online, but there isn't one), and I couldn't find anything about his April plans on his website, but I guess it's possible he'll be there. If he and Jason are the area, though, I'd love to take a workshop with them. If you hear anything about that from Jason or otherwise, please let me know, and I'll keep my eyes on Daniel schedule. Also, thanks for the information about Waikiki. Last year, one of my ukulele instrutors, Ka'ala Carmack, played there with his band, the J-Town Hui, and he's planning to go again this year if he's invited back. I don't play well enough yet to be included in the J-Town Hui, but I'm still hoping to attend the festival.

    At the NorCal Uke Fest, I'll be at or near the Kapalakiko I Ke Aloha booth for most of the day. Please stop by and say hello if you decide to come to the festival.

  5. Hey Mark,
    Thanks for the info about the Hayward festival. I just got a PM from Jason Arimoto (I ordered a set of his new strings) and he said he and Daniel Ho will be up here around that time doing workshops and performing. I wonder if they'll be at that festival? The Waikiki festival is awesome, but get there early and bring some type of small canopy/tent/umbrella for the sun to stake your spot. There isn't much shade and it gets pretty crowded. Last year I just happened to be vacationing there and went to the festival. Lurking here since January and then seeing the festival is what hooked me on the uke.

  6. Responded to your visitor message via PM. I hope all's well.
  7. Hey Mark, I put a down on some figured cherry for a custom Compass Rose! It's a one year, plus some change, early 50th birthday present to myself. I'm having Rick hold off on the build for a few months so I can figure out exactly what I want. I was just kind of curious about the fret board because I remember Gordon saying that, and this past weekend I was at Sylvan and they had some violins next to the ukes. I noticed how pronounced the radius is on a violin compared to a uke, and couldn't imagine the slight radius of a uke making that much of a difference. I guess it comes down to preference and perception. How's your finger healing up? Hopefully you have full mobility now.

    Take care,
  8. Hey Gary,

    I'm doing well. My finger seems to be about ready to come out of that split it's been in, although it may be a few weeks before its flexibility returns. Thanks for asking.

    I haven't signed up yet for the Rick Turner class. Have you signed up? Do you know if there are still openings? Part of the problem for me is I have a few other commitments in October that overlap with the class, and I was also concerned about my finger being able to handle the delicacy of building. Also, I can't seem to decide which of the two ukuleles to build. In addition, I just dropped a deposit on a Mya-Moe 9atht e WCUF) and I'm saving up to pay off the balance in March. If there are still open spots, though, I may decide to do it anyway.

    I hope all is well.
  9. Hey Mark,
    How's the healing coming along? Did you sign up for the Rick Turner class?

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