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  1. No problem.
  2. Hey man, I just want to says thanks for your time. I appreciate it. I posted a message on the link you sent to me
  3. Well then maybe I will start the thread in the general section:

    Go to the above link and just hit REPLY TO THREAD
  4. For the moment, I'm playing music from the books of Alan Alexander. I bought 2 books from him :"Medieval faires songs" and "Traditionnal spain and south american songs". I also bought a method to learn how to play blues with my mandolin. And of course I know a little bit of bluegrass...
    By the way, I'm not a very good mandolin/guitar/ukulele player because I'm a little bit rusty. My guitar has been put away in the closet for the last 12 years. It's just since I bought my first mandolin and my ukulele last year that I decided to spent more time playing music. For me it's just one of many ways to have some fun. I don't take it seriously. By that I mean that I don't think that I'm donna play on stage. So I don't know if I'm really the right person to start something on a forum... The other reason is that I've never been to a forum before so I'm still learning on how it works.
  5. Maybe you should start a thread about Mandolin Resources in the General Forum area. It would invite a wider audience. Also send Budduu a PM if you start the thread - he is another mandolin player.
  6. Darthouellet,

    It is a good point you make - 95% bluegrass and 5% songs that your grandmother sang. I was not insulted by your comment, although I do play some bluegrass. What particular kind of music are you looking for?
  7. Hey Doug,
    I read from one of your comments in the forum that you also play mandolin. I was inquiering if you know nice sites on the net where we can find mandolin tabs. I know about mandolin cafe, but I can't find nothing else that is not 95% bluegrass, 5% songs that nobody knows about... I know that mandolin was used to play blues and I'm pretty sure we can rock with it too. And by the way, if you are a bluegrass lover, I hope I didn't insult you. Playing bluegrass can be very hard and entertaining... It's just not what I'm looking for.

    Have a nice day
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