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  1. Hello,

    Sorry for this unsollicited email.
    I write to you to have an advice, if you mind.

    I'm french, my pseudo is for all the Uke forum "jp" ou "yagura"
    I learn uke since about a year but I have play guitar a lot before.
    I have a nice little german soprano pefect for learning: Brueko 6.
    I have buy the tenor from Applause, I like this Uke: quality, sound wenn amplified, only the round neck is a little big for my hands.
    I read today in the forum of Ukulele comos that you got the tenor Eleuke and now the Applause?
    I play late at night and I think the best would be to buy a tenor Eleuke of bugsgear and maybee sell my Applause.

    Can you please help me in my decision with you experience of the 2 instruments?
    Is the neck of the Eleuke flat or round like applause?

    Have a nice day.
    Best regards, Jean Pierre ROGER
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