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  1. Hello again Suzuk,
    Glad you like the look of the Cocobolo. The color can vary (sometimes the rusty orange is more predominant than the off-black), but the sound is pretty well defined. Cocobolo is a true rosewood (dalbergia retusa), and it is often said, that along with Honduran rosewood, it is the only true substitute for the rosewood sound you used to get with Brazilian. Some people hold that it is actually superior - it is a bit denser. As such, you would use it as you would a top quality rosewood - for backs & sides.
    The topwood is indeed spruce: German Silver. Since it is just rough sanded - no finish - and with my poor photography, the photo doesn't show how pretty it will look later. Spruce / Rosewood is a classic combination for concert guitars, but people seem to like it in ukuleles too.
  2. THat looks nice.. THanks for sharing. It looks really rich like chocolate.

    I saw where cocobolo has one of the largest range of tone in comparison to other tonewoods. Ever since then, I've been interested to look at Cocobolos. Is that a spruce on top?

    Is Cocobolo too hard to work on as a soundboard?
  3. Hello Suzuk,

    As I am still pretty new to the underground, I didn't notice you had messaged me! Am still working out nuts and bolts, but I posted pictures of the in progress Cocobolo Concert on my vistor message page.

    Let me know what you think!
  4. Do you have any pictures of that Concert cocobolo that you are making?
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