Bay Area ukulele

  1. mani saguana
    mani saguana
    Hey I know there is already a west coast group but I just thought it would be coo to have a more local group so people can meet or form local bay area clubs or something.
  2. urawaza
    hi everyone i saw this bay group so i was like for sure im in the bay why not hahah if u guys need anything ill try and help
  3. ukulelemotion
    hey guys... last saturday was fun.. im thinking of doing another little jam session before the next san jo meet.. maybe this sunday or next week.. what do you guys think?
  4. 1014
    ukulelemotion, where and when? it's margarito vs sugar shane saturday night, so i'll try go. and mani, the bay deserves to be its own group... yeeeeeee
  5. michtak58
    hey guys, im from sacramento not the bay but i wanted to join this group it thats cool!@!!
  6. nleco
    hi guys. I live in SF. I was wondering if you guys still do meetups? would be nice to meet up in SF (if anyone is around) to just jam. I'm trying to learn, but would love to contribute with chords/vocals.
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