new strings

  1. ukulelejoe
    Just put some new aquila ny-guts on on my ck-teq.... They sound Awesome! I think i may like the resonance a little better than my old ghs ny/alums.
  2. Lanikai Ukes
    Lanikai Ukes
    Yea we switched to the Aquila's about a year ago and the tone is so much better. We still do have a few of the slower selling models that have them, but a full switchover is on the way.
  3. Zolton
    I can say that as a Aquilla Nylgut fan, I have just tried Aaron C signatures on my Lanikai Tenor. They are better than the Aquillas I took off. I thought it unlikely that the sound would improve but it has!!! Just recieved another three set from Hawaii, I wanted to get in before the world finds out!!
  4. floydsuke
    I had ben using Aguilla Nylgut and really loved them . I was have a problem finding a set with Low G. I ordered a set of Worth Clear Low g. I am so glad I did . They are a much thinner string, and IMO a lot easier to play. The strings are extra long, so you are getting 2 full sets for the price of one set, and the tone according to my ears , is a great improvement, at least on my S-TEQ lanikai tenor. I do have a 1932 Pavaila suprano and the aquilla are stil the best for that uke. Floyd A.
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