Upstate uke links

  1. Doctroid
    Some links of interest to upstate uke enthusiasts.
  2. Doctroid
    Musicians and groups
    Key: W = web site, F = Facebook, M = Myspace, T = Twitter, Y = YouTube
    The Horse Flies (Ithaca) W F M
    Julia Nunes (Fairport) W F M T Y
  3. Doctroid
  4. Doctroid
    Uke makers
    Cigar Box Papa (Syracuse)
  5. Cal-Mum uker
    Cal-Mum uker is a link to my 5th grade uke club page if interested.
  6. fitncrafty
    I have not attended this as of yet. I hope to one day, I am new to the Uke and can't really jam, yet! sounds interesting and fun anyhow...

    Attended this group 10/2010: There were 15 other people with ukulele's of all talents and abilities. They were incredibly welcoming and supportive of me and everyone in the group. The encouraged me to take the uke out of it's case and play as many chords as I could keep up with, which was maybe every other or even third... It's round robin style so many of the players brought tabs with copies for everyone and lead a song, no pressure you could pass if you didn't bring one of feel confident to lead a song. They also had some binders with lots of songs as well.
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