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  1. KC8AFW
    We would love to hear about your Favilla or Marca Aquila ukuleles! Tell us about it...maybe how you came upon it or other interesting stories.

    I'll start things off:

    I have a local grocery store that I frequent (daily), so I pretty much know everybody that works there. And I'm a pretty social guy, so it's no big secret that I play the ukulele. Anyway...I was talking to one of the cashiers and he mentioned that he had an ukulele in storage that he didn't know how to play. I've been trying to convince him to get it out so we could jam together.

    Long story short...he finally got it out of storage and brought it with him so I could check it out. I recognized the name "Favilla" but didn't remember if they were good, bad, or otherwise. I made the offer if he wasn't interested in learning to play it, I would buy it from him. So I ended up giving him $40 for it.
  2. Tsani
    My first Favilla was a B-2 Herk Favilla baritone. My son and I were in an antiques store and there were two instruments in one of the booths. One was a Harmony tenor guitar, and the other was the Favilla. My son and I tuned them up and began playing them. After we had played for a few minutes the owner of the shop came up to us and offered to sell us both for $50. I had to work hard to maintain a "poker face" while I whipped out my check book and wrote that check!

    My second "Favilla" was my Marca Aquila soprano. I read about the early Marca Aquila brand, but I did not expect to see one that I could afford. I started bidding on this one and each time I was overbid, my family encouraged me to increase my bid. I won it at around $200 - which in my estimation is far less than it is worth.

  3. Tsani
    I really love the two Favillas that I have, but I really want a Favilla soprano. The Marca Aquila is very special to me, but I think there will be a consonance or "matching" of sound and tone between the B-2 baritone and a Favilla soprano that will make for very good duets or ensemble playing. That will be my UAS goal for next year - the aquiring of a Favilla soprano.
  4. KC8AFW
    Those are a couple of beauties, Tsani. You should post those pics in the gallery. My UAS goal when I have the funds it to find a good deal on a Favilla Teardrop soprano.
  5. eejermon
    Hi there. Noob here, named Eeeej. I just got a Favilla soprano, and I'm trying to date it. It has the gold crest, no stamp on the back, but one inside that reads FAVILLA NEW YORK NY USA that looks just like the headstock stamp, but BROS is absent. There is a serial #22 560 below the stamp. It has a matte finish, a couple of cracks, but sounds GREAT with a beautiful bell-like tone that even my '30 Martin can't beat. Must be something loose in that Martin....or Favillas are even better. Thanks, all, I'll put up some pics when I get the technology. Right now, I'm just smart enough to type...
  6. rkpdx
    Hi there everybody. I've had my Favilla B2 for, well I can't remember. A while. It's pretty beat up, but man oh man does it sound amazing. I'd be happy to put a link if anybody wants to hear it.
    Favillas are amazing little instruments.
    I love it.

    Heh, looks kinda big because of how I took that shot. Disregard all that crap in the background. It's all gone now.
  7. countrybumpkin
    Baritone bought in 1989 when I was a student from an eclectic old jeweler, watch repair store in center city Philadelphia. It sat for a number of years until I moved to Hawaii last year and brought it out to string up and start playing. A pleasure to play. Beautiful tone.
  8. bassfiddlesteve
    I've heard people say good things about Favilla soprano ukes and compare them favorably to old Martins. Now that I've got mine all cleaned up and strung with Martin fluorocarbons I can see why this is. I wouldn't say that the workmanship is on the same par as my Martin, but the sound certainly is. When I lived in NY I used to shop at Favilla Music on Long Island, so it feels a bit like coming home to own one of their ukes.

    - Steve
  9. eejermon
    I have 2 early Martin sopranos, and yet I seem to end up with the Favilla in my hands an awful lot.
  10. KoaChameleon
    Hi everyone. I'm a Favilla noob as I just got mine yesterday. I got my soprano and some other ukes from a guy 30 miles away, who was selling off a sick friends collection for him.
    Mine sounds exactly the same one as eejermon's. The serial number is #22 568 so they must be brothers!
    I like it a lot but was wondering what strings you all think might suit it best. I have the choice of Martin flourocarbons, Worth flourocarbon's or Aquila's.
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