What do you teach?

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  1. Raygf
    I teach elementary vocal/general music in the public school system and private and group guitar and ukulele classes.
  2. Darthouellet
    Hey guys
    For the past four years I've been teaching music and ethic in a high school in Québec, Canada. But I'm suppose to be an elementary school teacher.
  3. lams116
    I teach high school Spanish, and yes, I use my ukulele in class!
  4. iDavid
    I teach 4th grade and have a few ukes that they kids mess around on. I am debating on getting some more through the PTO....
  5. KoPa
    I am an insurance insturctor. Pretty much a teacher. Does that count? I also teach a few people on the ukulele but nothing professional.
  6. MissJonib
    I teach art at a small K-8th grad non-traditional school in Indianapolis. I've also started a uke group at school; the kids gave two brillian performances this past year!
  7. farmerboy
    Where do you teach Sir? I teach in a high school near Blackpool. I spend a bit of my time helping out other musicteachers in their creation of ukulele groups and in spreading the word. I've just stepped down as head of music (come September) and am looking forward to enjoying the job again . If you need any help, let me know.
  8. TCK
    4th-8th grade science here for the last 15 years. Really cool to see a teachers who Uke group because we tend to talk about things differently than anyone else.
    In any event- when I am not teaching, we play the classroom ukes. I have been sending them home with the kids in hopes of having a uke orchestra for our Christmas program next year
  9. mendel
    I teach high school Social Studies. I'm looking to become an adjunct Psychology teacher for online universities. If anyone has an in, let me know!!!! I'm doing my Dissertationin IO Psychology right now.
  10. ryanvt
    I teach environmental education/science/ outdoor Ed. For a public school district.
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