What do you teach?

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  1. Fuzzy
    Hi! I'm new here and was surprised to see a group for teachers.

    I'm usually a supply teacher for any subject or grade level, but until February I'm in a High School teaching grade nine Literacy and grade ten Civics.

    So what do you teach?
  2. franulele
    Fuzzy, what exactly is a "supply" teacher? Is that like a substitute teacher?
    I teach music K-8. We do ukulele units in 3rd-8th grade. This is my 2nd year of having a classroom set of ukes & am loving it.
  3. Fuzzy
    Substitute teacher, yes.
    So you're getting paid to play uke? Love it.
  4. haolejohn
    I teach fifth grade. I supplied from November until christmas break then I got lucky anf got a contract. Woo Hoo!!
    This is my second year using ukes with the kids. I started a uke club last year and this year I have 30 kids.
  5. spacecakegirl
    I teach high school English (specifically juniors and seniors: Modern Literature, American Literature, and Composition/Literature Advanced Placement - which can count for college credit if they do well on their exam).

    It's my first year teaching! Making me crazy, but I love it.
  6. dave alexander
    dave alexander
    4th Grade -- North Carolina, USA Kids in my class can borrow ukes to take home. (I don't teach music, but I teach em how to fiddle around on the bari and soprano uke.
  7. uber_goober
    I'm an adjunct professor. I teach a class in web design, usability, and visual literacy as part of a graduate program in instructional technology.
  8. why2ki
    I aspire to become an English as a 2nd language teacehr!
  9. Matimeo
    Hey all!

    I teach Jr/Sr High science at a small private school in NC! I'm loving my ukulele! I hope to start up a ukulele club at the school in a year or so..<after I get a head start!>
  10. Sir
    Hi everyone!

    I teach music in a secondary school (High school) in the UK

    I'm a recent Uke convert, and am in the process of assimilating around 500 young people into Ukulele players
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