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  1. khrome
    woots! first member
  2. NoLine
    sweet, i got a Pono PTC with an added passive pickup that was deached to me by a fellow UU member GX9901
  3. bbycrts
    I just have to get around to taking pictures of my beloved PT-8 and I will post them!
  4. allinfun
    We will get around to pictures when I figure out the camera...
  5. khrome
    So did you guys hear that Pono is discontinuing the koa line? I wonder why?
  6. khrome
    I'm trying to fill out my registration card and it's asking for a serial number or a year stamp. I don't see either on my uke - do you guys see it on yours? Where is it?
  7. paw123los
    I've got a PKT-1E. I will try to make some pictures after the weekend.
  8. SuperSecretBETA
    I got a discontinued PTM-CE. I wonder if that means the value will increase over time, inflation and deflation aside.
  9. allinfun
    The koa line has been discontinued because Koa is getting more and more expensive and less available. As a result the pricing on the Koa ponos is very close to a baseline Ko'olau. John specifically said they are saving their koa for the Ko'olau line when we visited last month.
  10. khrome
    John specifically said they are saving their koa for the Ko'olau line

    Interesting. Well, that makes me glad I picked up a PKS when I had the chance. I didn't know about them discontinuing it until after I bought it.

    I have some pics in my album but I'm going to take better ones later for this gallery. :-D
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