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  1. allinfun
    With the J71's (which are high g), try the following if you want an unwound low G and are OK with a softer string tension...

    String A as normal, then take the high g string and put it in the "E" position, then take the original "E" and put in the "C", and take original "C" and put in "G".

    It's cool to do with the J71's as they have a pretty good tension on them, but stay away from this trick if your have soft string tensions on the re-entrant set already or they get really buzzy.
  2. lonsilog
    Hello, from fog-city. I just wanted to check out what the group is all about
    I have a PTES strung with Aquilla Nylguts, and a PKT-1 with Koolau golds, both hi-G.
  3. Ukie der Wookiee
    Ukie der Wookiee
    Hello from Hohenlohe I have a Mango Tenor, I also use Aquila Nylguts, and play it in high-g.
  4. sam13
    Hey Everyone ... was going to start Pono Group ... but did a search and found everyone here. Great stuff ... will post soon. Cheers.
  5. streetbob_grayrider
    What happened to this group! I know there are lots of Pono players here. I need advice on new strings.
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