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  1. mailman
    Feel free to come up with an icon for the Grandpa Ukers....

    An older guy playing uke seems appropriate.
  2. KC8AFW
    ...on the front porch in a rocking chair.
  3. seeso
  4. Steve vanPelt
    Steve vanPelt
    Um.....Seeso, could you hold off a couple days before making that our avatar. Please.

    thanks, Steve
  5. seeso
    lol !
  6. kenikas
    So I'm guessing Seeso's Group Icon is the winner by default?! It is a bit shocking, looks a bit like me after an all night flight, but way to much hair ( on the head anyway), and not nearly fat enough!
  7. Jim Yates
    Jim Yates
    I figure it should be a grandpa showing his grand kids a few chords on the uke.

    Speaking of pictures, how do I get my picture to show up on my posts?
  8. Jim Yates
    Jim Yates

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