Stagg Nation!!!!

  1. vialde
    US10 owner. My first ukulele.
  2. dnewton2
    CS60-S was my first ukulele. I still play it more than any of my other ukes.
  3. KeBab
    I recently sold my Stagg US10, my first ukulele. I sold it to buy a Morgan TK200.
    I miss it so much that i am going to buy it back
  4. buddhuu
    I have a solid mahogany Stagg UC80SE electro concert and my wife has a US80S soprano.

    For the money I think they are pretty fair ukuleles.
  5. krabbers
    i have the electro soprano i think it is mahogany . got a violin case that fits perfect, i did replace the tuners with gears as it was easier to tune wilst giggin'
  6. ukulele2544
    A KALA brand was my first ukulele...
  7. dnewton2
    Woohoo! 10 members!

    I stll have my Stagg. I take it to work everyday to play at lunch.
  8. bradisarobot
    I just ordered the sunburst solid body electric stagg. Im pretty excited.
  9. laqui
    I've a Stagg US-20 for three years and is a pretty fine uke.
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