Fret Wire

  1. Papa Dave
    Papa Dave
    Hey gang, I am looking into building my first cbu and I would like to get some idea as to the size or deminsions of fret wire needed. Tip's Trick's and any other needed advise.
    Thank's in advance
    - Dave
  2. cornfedgroove
    Alright I'm a bad person...

    you should get all your fretwire from a guy called CB Gitty.
    That's not his real name, lol...but he's a regular home-grown kinda guy who started doing this a couple years back making basically no money and was lucky enough that his wife let him keep doing it because now his product line has expanded about 1000 fold.

    I buy regular medium wire, you can do about 2 tenors with one set of wire using a 1.5 inch wide neck
  3. Colonel Uke
    Colonel Uke
    CB Gitty is a good resource. That's where I get my box hardware. I especially like their chrome and brass box corners.
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