Hottest GIGAPUS Man

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  1. Melissa82
    Who do you vote for?

    I think we need some comparison pics.
  2. UkuleleHill
    Wait till we all get our panties and then the judging can commence! Nic is disqualified though... Not that I have a vote...
  3. P-co
    Give me time to frock-up and snap a few pic's. You will not believe the makeover, not that I do it very often mind you.
    and why am i disqualified ? cause id automatically lose ? not fair
  5. Ukulelerob
    He would have to have a mustache.

  6. Ukulelerob
    Perhaps since before his hair was gray.

    if anything seeso should be dq'ed hes gonna win.. lol
  8. Swampy Steve
    Swampy Steve

    I was very hot here ,and had my glasses on ,does that count?
  9. the52blues
    the52blues do you post a pic. I have done it on other sites but I don't understand the link thingy. I copied a link but when I open the insert pic doohickey it won't let me use edit to paste the!
  10. the52blues
    I can't figure out how to post a pic here.
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