Got A Uke? Let's Have Fun at the Fort! . . . . "Serendra" Fort Bonifacio, Taguig

  1. cebukenieduke
    Calling all Boys and Girls of all ages! It's time to bring out those ukuleles no matter what your uke strum level is. This is one effort to bring out and form a regular Uke family at the Fort. This is an attempt to bring together those who have been afflicted with the "UAS" but could not connect or jam with local Ukers. Let's count our numbers and from thereon maybe we could formalize the 4th Fret at the Fort group.

    It doesn't matter whether your Uke is a Kala, Martin, Lanikai or entree ukes, mine is a Cebuke which I got from Cebu. It's about time to bring out our local talent whether you are azkals or fx, but in the meantime lets identify and recognize our numbers. It will be fun to celebrate 11-11-11 with a Uke on hand, but this will be dependent on your active responses.

    Lets have fun . . . . .
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