Hey Everyone!

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  1. staceystars91
    to the new group for Canadian ukers!
    This is a place where we can meet and talk about
    the ukulele underground that is slowly surfacing here in Canada.
    With the power of youtube and artists such as
    Julia Nunes and Danielle Ate The Sandwitch, Ukulele is back!
    So feel free to talk about anything!.
    Dont be shy, and keep on rockin'!

    -Stacey Cope
  2. Nasuke
    Just by curiosity, how did you guys all get into playing ukulele?
    I noticed we all live in different areas of Canada and ukulele's are rarely accessible (at least in montreal where i live, there ain't much).
  3. BrighamHB
    Cool group! I'm a guitarist (classical and electric) living in Windsor, ON, and I just started playing uke... mainly becuase I just have a thing for stringed instruments (I also play mandolin), and because you can get a ukulele for pretty cheap. The ukulele is a great instrument, its not hard to learn and its very portable. I think it was watching guys like seeso on youtube that really made me want to pick it up though.
  4. UkéDan
    I'm in Quebec City but originally from the Montreal area where I learned to play uke in highschool, in 1977. Part of the J. Chalmers Doane program. I immediately switched to bass for close to 30 years. Discovering Iz on Youtube made me whip out the uke spontaneously for a concert about two years ago (4 strings, after all), which amazed my bandmates, which got me to buy a KPK, which les to UAS........ We always have two to three uke songs in all our concerts, now.
  5. Ortiz
    Yeah!!! how is everyone!! im so happy i found this group!! I live in Montreal and its true, not a lot of ukulele players here..so if you find one, you try to keep contact with that person and do jams when you can(thats what i did) :P. I dont really remember when i got my first uku (2002-2003??). What i do remember is that i thought it was a cute little instrument, colourful, portable and most of all cheap! so i bought myself one(Archambault). Now im in love with it! so much that I went to Hawaii just to get one(real one) and now i have lots of ukes! Its like a tattoo, once you get one, you want more!!!
  6. Monkeyswithladders
    I'm from the US, but like Canada so much more! Can I please join your group anyway and indulge the dream that I live there?
  7. waterdog226
    Hi. I just joined this group. I live in Southern Ontario, Mt. Pleasant, outside of Brantford. I am an older person who has never had any musical instrument instruction, and one day I impulsively bought a cheap uke (a flaming yellow Beaver Creek soprano) and fell in love with this instrument. I have learned, slowly, by watching people on YouTube. I have a Bruko (German made concert uke, an an Oscar Schmidt O2 and a RISA Tenor Solid). I am not going to let my lack of musical experience get in the way of my love for the uke.
  8. Nuuke
    Yes, Canadians! I'm from Vancouver Island. The thought of buying a uke actually never occurred to me and it wasn't until I was at a local thrift store and saw someone else with one that I wanted it. But since I already have a guitar and still was interested in improving on that I just pushed the uke to the back of my mind. Until one day at a recycling depot I found a cheap little soprano with only two strings. It's been great for learning on and in a while I'll actually start to look for a nice new one. The guitar doesn't get played at all anymore.
  9. the52blues
    Not too many of us and we are quite spread out. I'm a pro musician, mostly guitar and bass, and also tune pianos in the Brampton, Ontario area. I recently saw that ukes were making a comeback. I had a cheap uke back in my teens that never really stayed in tune so I decided to get a better one and started searching the net for what's available. Boy was I surprised how many good quality ukes are out there. Since I have a limited budget, I drooled over the ones over $1000 but have to be reasonable. In my price range I fell in love with the Fender Nohea Tenor Koa wood model. It's so cute with the Tele headstock. I can't wait to try one out. I am, unfortunately, bed ridden with plantar fasciitiis at the moment but should be better in a month or so. I will then be able to get to my local Long & McQuade and finally get one. I wish I'd have gotten it before I got the plantar fasciitis...I'd have something to do while staying in bed!
  10. the52blues
    Update March 2010 - Fender screwed up and ran out of all 3 models they have. Apparently they did not realize how big the craze is already. So I found another store in Orangeville that has over 30 ukes in stock. I fell in love with a Kala Jazz archtop electric in a 2 tone sunburst. I haven't been able to put it down. Now I want (and already ordered) a Kala pineapple uke (KA-PSS) that is painted like a pineapple - so cool! And one more (at least) for the near future - the Kala U-Bass! Oooo I'm in heaven...
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