How did you come to the Fluke/Flea?

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  1. luvdat
    After playing (not buying) and listening to quite a few sopranos...passing recommendation (deach)...from going back and forth with the pineapple sound...through some excellent detailed counsel (spots)...shared inspiration about the Flea and the pineapple (Ahkno Honu)...and noting the admiration of Flea players...a Mango Flea is on the way. Should I go with a Herco or an Oasis with that thing? LOL
  2. SweetWaterBlue
    Welcome to fleadom.
  3. harpdog
    I bought a Fluke for my wife before I ever played ukulele.
    I tuned it for her and was hooked.
    That began some years of trading up to some boutique level ukes, which I sold to donate to a charity.
    Left with no ukes of my own, I returned to my wife's Abstract Fluke...
    I rediscovered the joy of the Fluke.
    Now I have a Fluke and Flea of my own.
    They are my only ukes.
  4. KoPa
    my fluke was my first uke. wen i was 16 my father and uncle (slackey guitar players) ran into some random guy on the strip (Waikiki) jammin along playing his ukulele. and hour later i found them still down there goofing off with this one random guy. he spiked their interest so we all went down to the nearest ukulele shop to look around. we had no experience...didn't wunna pay the guy suggested the fluke. $115 w/case for my fathers (mine i shud say)...$135 for my uncles w/case and!...pick-up. we still to this day pull them out for backyard jams or when we leave town. they are great lil' ukes.
  5. jungleturtle
    My 1 & only uke is my flea & I love it! I play guitar, but I wanted something light, sturdy, & compact to take traveling w/ me. "Hmm," I thought, " a ukulele is akin to a guitar." & so, after some research I settled on the flea. Now I play it more than my guitar or any of the other instruments I play, such as drums & harmonica.
  6. jima
    I started taking lessons in 2003, and tried a bunch of different ukes at that time. There were some Fleas available, but they didn't feel too comfortable when I was playing them, so I went with a cheap soprano uke. After a couple of years, I would occasionally play Flukes that belonged to other students, and eventually became accustomed to their larger size. Plus, my teacher has gone through a number of Flukes in the past, and likes them for their great sound projection qualities.

    I just watched eBay for a little while, and eventually a Fluke showed up. The price was cheap enough that I was willing to take a chance, and ended up with the camp Fluke. It's become my instrument of choice whenever I need to perform in a place where I have to play LOUD.
  7. telebob
    I first discovered the Fluke uke at the Ukulele Store in the Royal Hawaiian (mall) shopping center in Waikiki back in 2003, on my first trip to Hawai'i. I was amazed by its shape and the variety of colors. Being a guitarist (who also plays bass, mandolin and dulcimer), I was intrigued by the instrument. I had already seen and heard several musicians playing the uke and became enamored in learning the instrument. Rather than buying a uke on the islands, I waited until I got home and researched the Fluke on the internet. Then I bid and won a mango Fluke on eBay that Fall. That was the start of my ukulele obsession. I have since sold my beloved mango Fluke as I had bought a koa Fluke with rosewood board and electronics. I still recommend the Fluke as a wonderful starter ukulele and one that will continue to offer pleasure and joy, even with advanced playing skills. I love da Fluke.
  8. kaizersoza
    i was drawn to the fluke because it was different from the other ukes, it is the most expensive uke i have bought to date but i love it, it comes camping with me, i take it to work and it is my main uke to play, it sounds awesome and feels sooo right, its my favourite uke, and being a tenor neck it has oodles of fret space for my old fingers, the sound they project is amazing and they resonate beautifully a truly wonderful instrument that i will love forever and a day
  9. TSfromNYC
    ...I can't take it...I'm gonna getta a Fluke to keep my Flea company...
  10. stmace
    I wanted an instrument that I trusted would withstand the rigors of a summer-time cross-country trip. I was surprised, and pleased, with the quality of sound and workmanship of the instrument purchased as my "travel" uke.
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