Whatcha Got?

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  1. dnewton2
    What Kala do you have?

    I have a Flammed Maple Sprucetop Tenor. I used to have a Mango Tenor.
  2. Captain Google
    Captain Google
    I don't have it yet, but I recently ordered a KA-BE electric mahogany baritone from MGM.

    I should have it by Thursday.
  3. Rubbertoe
    I've got a mango tenor, flamed spalted maple (top and body) tenor and a spruce-top 8-string tenor. my fave's the flamed spalted maple.
  4. pwest71
    Hi all, I've got a left-handed cutaway Mango tenor.
  5. HaileISela
    I do own that beautiful KA-SC (spruce top, mahogany back and sides concert)
  6. Uke Republic
    Uke Republic
    I love em all! If any Kala lovers need a shirt I got some. I think the spruce top is a tremendous instrument and the spalted maple and mango are beautiful. Makalas are a fantasic uke at a nice price. Any old way, Kala makes a very good instrument and are quite creative with their ukes. Holla fo Kala!
  7. NukeDOC
    does makala count?
  8. Spooner
    I have a spruce top cutaway with shadow pickup.
    I bought it at Good guys in Hawaii (Oahu) and LOVE it!
    It was my first uke and I still play it daily.

    I was going to buy a mango but it's hard for me to find the "right" pattern.
    Plus I heard that mango can be sort of deadening to the sound.

    Your thoughts mango owners?
  9. Weasel
    KA-ASMC! I got her 4 weeks ago and haven't missed a day of play!
  10. paw123los
    I have Kala solid acacia tenor with custom installed undersaddle pickup and I love it.
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