1. Sambient
    Where'd you stick yours?

    I've festooned an eyeglass case.
  2. mayfliesmayfly
    An eyeglass case? How very fitting! Also, nice use of the word 'festooned'. That made me happy in my pants. :P

    I stuck one on my bumper! They're not very weather proof, though, so I put clear packing tape over it and then clear nail
    polish on top of that. It seems to be clinging on for dear life! Not to mention it completes my array of random stickers! <3

    I also gave one to a girl in my uke class who seems cool and wears thick, plastic frames... just spreading the love.
  3. live2tivo
    I just got mine yesterday. I'm not sure where I'm going to put all of them, but I'm definitely putting one up on my whiteboard when I get back to school.
  4. johncaudrey
    Boring, I know, but mine are on two of my uke cases. They always generate a lot of interest in what the acronym means!
  5. dandabomb
    I have one on my laptop and one on my uke case lol
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