Ukulele Build Class

  1. gyosh
    Keeping an eye out for the next build class. I took the last class in October and I'm getting interested in taking it again if either different woods are offered, or a different size. Ideally I'd like a "super" concert. Ideal, ideal would be a class using the Tasmanian and redwood Rick recently acquired. A lottery win would be cool too. Anyhow, has anyone heard of a teaching schedule for the build classes? I checked The Crucible website, but they only list a mandolin class.


  2. Caboose66
    Not sure if you saw this on the Luthiers Forum:

    Per post by Rick Turner
    "Spring dates at the Crucible:

    April 21 & 22

    a weekend off

    May 5 & 6

    Soprano and tenor ukes... "
  3. gyosh
    Thank you. I guess I'll give them a call.
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