Aquila strings standard on dolphins!

  1. pootsie
    I am studying up as I await the arrival of my first uke -- a light blue burst dolphin. Everyone keeps saying you need Aquila strings.

    So I called the seller to find out what strings my uke will have and they said that Kala switched a few months ago and now dolphins come standard with Aquila strings!

    I called Kala and confirmed. Dolphins come from the factory with Aquilas now!

    Can't wait to get strumming!

  2. manapualabs
    I just picked up two Dolphins; a pink one and light blue burst. I called before to make sure the store had them and the person on the phone (Chris) recommended getting new strings. He said that of I wanted them, he would add the price to the total and put them on for me no charge. Nice guy! The strings are black, I think they are GHS. So far they seem okay, are you happy with your Aquilas?
  3. pootsie
    Turns out I was given the wrong info. DOH! Dolphins do NOT come standard with Aquilas and the woman I talked to at Kala did not know that only Kala and not Makala brands are standard with Aquilas.

    So I went and bought some and I am happy. A tad annoyed at the mixup but happy.
  4. Manalishi
    I started with Aquilas on my Red Burst Dolphin,
    but when I was fitting a set of Worth Browns
    to another of my ukes, I decided to try the 'other
    half' of the set, on the dolphin.
    Surprisingly good! A nice mellow tone, yet loud
    enough to sing along with,or fingerpick! Truly,for
    the price, a great little ukulele!
  5. manapualabs
    Before I picked up the pink and light blue burst Dolphins for my nieces I got a lot of rash from my boyfriend who thought it was a complete waste of money. After I brought them home (with new Aquila strings) he changed his tune and wanted to keep them and not give them to the kids! I had to go out an buy him a dark blue one to keep him happy (I changed the strings to Aquilas this time). I asked the store manager if the Dolphins came with Aquilas and he said only the Kalas came with Aquilas. He carries Kala's entire line and is really knowledgeable about them because he used to work there. In fact, he doesn't get them delivered, he just drives down the street to pick them up.
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