Triad Group?

  1. caroljean

    I am dying to know if any of you guys in the Winston-Salem/ Greensboro area would be into getting together to play or talk uke.

    Sound good? Let me know :-)

  2. Geno
    Sure. I'm in the Greensboro area.
  3. stmace
    We have a group that meets at UNCG on Thursdays at 7:30 PM. Ages are between 18 and 82.
  4. jwieties
  5. clan~kerr
    Dang! Both are on Thursdays. The only night my pickin' buddies have open. I'd really like to come check out the UNCG gathering sometime. I could at least get an hour in. And it's on my way to Oak Ridge. I will certainly see if I can make time to drive over to Durham for Aaron's workshop & show. Thanks for the heads-up.
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