Your First Baritone

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  1. mattydee
    It started in the thread that I posted to lead people here, but I'm curious -- what was your first bari?

    For me, it's (currently) my only baritone, a Mainland Red Cedar. I've already posted pix in the group's album. I can definitely see the appeal of a couple of them though, with different tunings. I think lozark has different tunings for most of his, and Cowboy Society has more baritones than most shops, I bet
  2. mds725
    My first baritone was an Ohana solid mahogany baritone that I bought from the UU marketplace. It got me hooked, and now I have two others -- a Pono solid mahogany and a Kamaka. My Mya-Moe myrtle baritone will be here in a few weeks. I''m going to try different tunings, but I haven't decided what to do with which baritone. I have octive-lower GCEA strings from Guadalupe Strings, but I haven't figured out yet which baritone would be best suited for them.
  3. Hobo
    I was at an antique mall and came across a real clean 50s era solid mahogany Harmony baritone. Almost passed it up, since I had little interest in baritone's at that time. But, for the price ($120)... I thought 'why not?' -- so, I bought it. I put a set of Southcoast Linears on it and wow! -- it soon became my go-to uke. Since then, I've added a Mainland mahogany baritone and currently in the final build stages of a Musicmaker's Dakota baritone kit.
  4. ukulelecowboy
    My first was a laminate Kala that my wife bought me as a gift. Her first was the same, except cutaway. Kala used to offer many more choices in this scale. In the upcoming weeks, I'm going to try and post shots of all our Baritones.

    @mds725-- I checked out that Mya-Moe using the Uke Build link. That instrument will really be something special. They don't build too many Baritones. I think the first one off their line was Ralph Shaw's "Brunhilde." I'd really like to know what you think of the radius-ed fretboard when it arrives. Always been curious.

    @Hobo--Harmony Baritones are among the best vintage ukuleles for the value. The fifties line was a bit better than the sixties with a bone nut and saddle but all around still excellent. BTW, Southcoast Linears are the way to go! We use them on all our performance ukuleles. I have been following your MusicMaker's Dakota thread and I think it's just great. Really looking forward to seeing the final instrument.
  5. chris667
    I have one of these:

    It's a lovely thing; built like a tank though!
    I can't play it in groups yet, but I know a bit of practice every day will get me there!
  6. TheOnlyUkeThatMatters
    My first baritone uke is a Kala KA-B, which I've had for about a month now. Love it.

    The best time I've had so far have been playing the KA-B while my wife plays soprano. Two mellow sounds that sound mellow together!
  7. Blue Skies
    Blue Skies
    Mine hasn't arrived yet. After it gets here and I learn something...I'll let you all know! It's a Cordoba 20 BM, solid mahogony.
  8. kvehe
    Although I have a variety of ukes in the other sizes, I have only one bari - a Pono mahogany. I plan to remedy that with my next purchase(s) and explore alternate tunings.
  9. Ben_H
    First Baritone arrived today.

    Pono mahogany.

  10. Garydavkra
    My first baritone just arrived yesterday. It's a solid acacia Pono. I played it last night and it sounds wonderful.
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