Guitar straps

  1. chris667
    Hello everyone

    Now I am surrounded by the enlightened, I thought I'd ask; do you use guitar straps on your bari? Mine is much too big to hold like my soprano uke, and it has a pin which I assume is for a strap.
  2. mds725
    I use straps for my tenors as well as my baritones. There are uke specific straps (Uke Crazy, aka Kala) makes them. They're thinner than a typical guitar strap and possibly shorter too, and they work great. Some people use mandolin straps as well.
  3. mattydee
    I've got a uke leash, but I also just bought a strap pin, and thought I'd install it and use the uke leash pin adapter. I love my uke leash though. I've go the brown leather. Thin, adjustable, sexy.
  4. ukulelecowboy
    I use this Cole Cark Ukulele Strap:

    Nicely adjustable with a comfortable shoulder pad. I manged to get two of them in the US about a year ago. Now only available in Australia. Last month, I decided that I wanted a third one. Tack, a UU member from Australia had to buy one for me and ship it over! You have to have strap buttons, though, on your ukulele.

    All our performance ukes have strap buttons at the base of the instrument and on the heel of the neck facing the player.
  5. 1931jim
    Whenever I install the strap buttons on the heel I always put them at the back of heel just in case the taper, or the new ones with a screw ever decides to fail.
  6. mattydee
    Talking about installing strap buttons, is thee anything to it beside measuring twice, covering with masking tape, drilling a pilot hole and screwing it in?
  7. 1931jim
    That is all there is to it. Usually the strap buttons come with a #6 screw. So a 5/64 pilot hole will be just fine and no worries about splitting the heel or at the base end block. I hope we all know what I am trying to say. HaHa!!
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