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  1. fretie
    Hello new ukers. I'm glad to see this group was formed and I'm looking forward to getting involved with the weekly challenges that we were discussing on the forum thread.

    Why not introduce yourself here?

    I've been playing since December 2010, live in Vancouver, BC, Canada and love to attend the local uke meetups in our area.

    I'm working on learning chord progressions and am also interested in fingerpicking patterns and styles. As for singing, I don't! I'd drive everyone within earshot away if I were to accompany myself on the uke. But nevermind, there's plently to keep me challenged just strumming and picking the ukulele.
  2. glass
    Hi I am Ken, from NJ. I have been playing for about 2 yrs not so good at singing or playing but having fun!!
  3. barefootgypsy
    Hi, I'm Lesley, from the Birmingham area, UK. I've been playing on and off (mostly off, because of work and family commitments) since late 2005, but now I have more time and I've been playing regularly since around Christmas.

    I'm totally bewitched by this instrument and having such fun with it. I'm fine on the very basic chords, but tricky chord changes still floor me. I know I've improved a lot, but I'm still technically very weak.... and I don't have any of those great funky strums.....

    I love fingerpicking, and want to learn how to incorporate it into chord songs, like some of the "greats" on this site do.... Fantastic idea, to form this group! I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes!
  4. gyosh
    Gary here from California (San Jose). Got hooked in Oahu at the Roy Sakuma Festival. Been playing off and on for a year. I teach high school and coach the golf team so there's about four to six months when I don't have time to play. I don't know any songs and mainly run through chord progressions that I find on-line. Looking forward to this.
  5. aleksxoxo
    Hello everyone!
    My name's Aleks from Puerto Rico and I've been playing ukulele for 2-3 weeks now. I discovered this lovely instrument when I heard one of my favorite YouTube musicians play a Bright Eyes cover on one, got hooked ever since.

    So far I know 3 songs: Viva la Vida by Coldplay, Oh Fionna (a short song from a cartoon called Adventure time) and a song called Surf (I posted a tutorial I found on YouTube on a thread for those interested in taking that challenge!)

    I'm very much interested in learning fingerpicking since I haven't even attempted it and learning some awesome strumming patterns!
  6. jmw

    I'm Jaime from Brooklyn, NY. I've been playing ukulele since April, and have already acquired four! Well - one I gave to my husband, and another I gave to my godson. But still - I think that's a uke every two weeks!

    Anyway, I started out trying to learn songs, but have backtracked a bit and have been using Uncle Rod's Ukulele Boot Camp to get me practicing chord transitions without worrying about what song I'm trying to play. I love and highly recommend his Practice Sheets.

    As for "songs I know" - You and I (Ingrid Michaelson), Creep (Radiohead), Little Lion Man (Mumford & Sons), Man With a Love Song (James Hill), Sleeping Satellite (Tazmin Archer), and Backwater Blues (Patty Griffin).

    I'm interested in tips on improving my technique (i.e. avoiding buzzing due to improper fretting), but only minimally interested in fingerpicking/soloing. I'm happy just being the gal holding down the rhythm section with my amazingly-fretted ukulele chords.
  7. wolfchs
    Hi all! My name is Mina from Philadelphia, PA. I used to play the guitar then started playing the uke in February as someone got me a uke for Valentine's day. Since then I've tried to learn from UU+ although work was busy the past couple of months so I stopped watching the lessons and have just been playing every now and then. I've attended a couple of uke meetups around here and love learning from other people and just enjoy playing with others, so hopefully we all can learn from each other here. Oh I did enter one seasons of ukulele contest with my very first attempt recording myself on youtube. I was really nervous but watching the pros and the others sing and play has really inspired me. So let's get this started then!
  8. Freeda
    I am Freeda from michigan. Started playing at the end of February. Struggling with fingerpicking, dynamics, and right hand technique. Still learning my chords but have a lot of them under control. Would like to learn about closed chords. Can play a lot of songs with books but suck at memorizing. Would like to learn to play by ear more. Can sing decently but still working on stage fright issues at open mic.
  9. cheesegasuki
    Hello! I'm Brenna from Illinois. I picked up the uke in July 2011 when I was living in Japan.

    I'm in the process of trying to teach myself beginner music theory, fingerpicking, and how to read tabs.
  10. pootsie
    I'm pootsie, and I'm a noob. ("hello, pootsie")
    Picked up the uke March 3, 2012 when I decided to get one for myself for birthday number 42 (THE ANSWER!)
    Working on Uncle Rod's bootcamp and loving it. Picking up a couple songs on the way.
    I live in Ohio and I am a law-talking guy. Married, two kids, one dog, one cat, three chickens.
    ... and three ukuleles.
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