Hi NYC ukers! Come on in and introduce yourself here :)

  1. aleksxoxo
    So to start off the introductions:

    Hello! My name's Aleks and I'm living in Chelsea. I started this group because I noticed there was one for Upstate ukers but none for us city dwellers!

    I'm (almost) 19 years old, started playing the ukulele in May 2012 and am madly in love with my Les Paul Acoustic/Electric Concert ukulele, Mary Lou
  2. grandpoobah
    Hey aleks! Nice move starting an NYC group. I'm in downtown Brooklyn and have been playing close to a year now. I actually just got home from the NYC uke fest. Super cool show, and I was impressed with all the local turnout. I saw a lot of UU flair there too. I figure there should be a bunch more people to join the group on UU.
  3. aleksxoxo
    Ooh, well I'm trying to promote the group in hopes of other NYC ukers join. It's been working if you saw my post
    I haven't been to any uke fests yet, sounds sooo awesome! Is the NYC one like a yearly type thing?
  4. rasputinsghost
    It's on every year!
  5. aleksxoxo
    Oh that's awesome! I just moved to NYC for college last year (right now temporarily living in Puerto Rico for the summer) We don't have cool music festivals or anything of the like here in PR :/
  6. Stevelele
    Hi Aleks, I'm Steve and I live in downtown Brooklyn. Before that, I was in the East Village for many years. I've been playing the uke for about 4 years, but nothing super serious. Just got back the uke fest--had a nice time. The NY meetup group is cool, but I would love to have another group made of all undergrounders....
  7. aleksxoxo
    Yeah, that's why I made the group! Undergrounders are such great people, thought it'd be great to round up all the NYC undergrounders
  8. singh44s
    Howdy! Joined from Queens.

    Has it only been a week since the NYCUke Fest?

    "round up all the..." and now I'm reminded of that superbowl commercial where some cowboys were trying to herd cats. :P
  9. ukuLily Mars
    ukuLily Mars
    Bonsoir! I'm in Switzerland now but still a New Yorker. I hope you all had a great time at the uke festival! Wish I could have been there. Maybe next year?
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