Page 4 onwards, Preliminaries.

  1. Hms
    #1 Notes on the Fretboard
  2. JamieWG
    I played through the Preliminaries section of the book with the first 10 CD tracks. I think it's good that he put that section in for newcomers to the instrument, because the book is really going to take off from there, and there's no way a total newbie could jump into this without already knowing how to play a bit or having other musical background. But now I have to say that having arrived at the end of track 10, I'm disappointed that we have to go through 20 pages of sheer rote memorization before we get more sound tracks. I don't think that's good teaching strategy. Still, I am determined! Let's try to make it fun together, and offer memorization tips if we think of some.
  3. Hms
    Blimey Jamie, don't waste much time do you!
  4. Kayak Jim
    Kayak Jim
    I was frankly surprised to see the Preliminaries in the book at all. A total newbie should be getting this material from other resources.
  5. Peterjens
    As much as I'd like to finger pick someday, I didn't take the time to familiarize myself with finger picking on page 6.
  6. Steedy
    I played along with the CD tracks in the Preliminaries section (pages 5-8), and found them easy enough to follow. But the coolest part for me is the picking patterns on page 6. I was able to play them along with track #6 which was the first time I've ever played rolls or done any finger picking on the uke. It felt like a bit of progress right away. I'll definitely keep practicing those rolls in an effort to learn more finger picking. So far, good!
  7. ogg
    Maybe the preliminaries section should be a questionare...Are you sane? Do you like puzzles? Are you easily confused? Circle the instrument you are currently playing <page of muscial instrument photos - one of which is a Uke>, etc...
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