Where should I play outside?

  1. dirtmaster4
    I have a big backyard, but not really any favorite trees to sit under or anything. Also, I don't have a swing. Any suggestions?
  2. bnolsen
    Porch? I have a trilevel and will sit on the lower steps and play sometimes while my kids are riding their bikes or scooters or whatever.
  3. IamNoMan
    I really enjoy playing outside. Where to start?

    On the porch for sure. Two weeks a year I have access to a 5th floor condo 50 yards from the beach. Lots of fun playing on that porch. Especially when a bagpiper buddy comes to visit. At home I can see sunrise, sunset, Peter's Mountain and or rainbows all from my porch.

    By the light of the moon, under the stars, at campfires and in the shade on hot days.

    Park benches, Church Steps, in front of the library.

    I don't know if this counts as outside but go into a bar or coffee house by yourself or with friends and start playing.
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