have we all fallen away?

  1. Captain America
    Captain America
    I developed a bad case of tendonitis and had to set the uke aside until now. Now I can do it without pain.

    BUT I need to get back on track!

    I'm finding the book to be a lot about playing up the neck.

    I think I"m looking to find a way to come up with arrangements of songs that feature picking individual notes and picking two notes at the same time, strumming a chord, and picking out melody.

    I'm not so sure how fretboard fits in.
  2. KevinV
    I'm still here. Plugging away slowly, but surely. The crowd has definitely thinned though.
  3. Kayak Jim
    Kayak Jim
    I picked the book up again last night after a few (several?) weeks away. Played around a bit with a few of the scales and songs that are tabbed.

    I see the group is up to 30 members!
  4. Peterjens
    I changed lanes for awhile but after today's 'uke jam I want to add that layer of 2nd position to the group. I want to at least memorize the 2nd positions in C, G and F. Once those are memorized, I'll memorize more.
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