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  1. Down Up Dick
    Down Up Dick
    Hi, I'm a new guy, and I joined to get involved in some discussions about Banjoleles, but they seem pretty scarce.
    I have a Lanikai, and I like it a lot. I bought it because I really enjoy listening to banjo music. If I was younger I'd take up the banjo. Anyway, I like the sound of folk music on a banjo--anybody else?
    I'm just a beginning ukulele player, though I play lots of other instruments. I've been playing a while but my progress is slow. I've been dabbling with clawhammer, but I'm waiting for a better book.
    So there it is--let's discuss . . .
  2. LloydAZ
    Hello! I'm fairly new here too. I've only been playing Ukulele for about two months. I bought the Eddy Finn EF-BU1 Banjolele a couple of weeks ago and absolutely love it (my cat not so much, but then she is difficult to please.) I've always loved banjo music, and this is a pretty close match.
  3. Down Up Dick
    Down Up Dick
    Hi, I'm glad there's someone else here--nice to meet ya.

    I've been waiting for a book that I ordered, and it came today. It's Aaron Keim's "Clawhammer Ukuele", and I like it a lot. He's a member of UU. It's better than the other one that I have, as it explains more and I know most of the tunes. That way I have an idea how the tunes are supposed to sound. Anyway, between the two of them, maybe I'll catch on.

    Do you play clawhammer?
  4. fynger
    I'm also new here....hope this group grows nicely
  5. John A
    John A
    Hi... I've been a member of UU for quite a while but haven't posted for over a year now. Just thought that I'd start again and I'm pleased to have found this little group of banjo uke players. I play the uke but desperately want to buy a banjo uke... my main ukulele is a Martin S1 which has a really nice banjo-ukulele like tone. After seeing Aaron Keim's beautiful banjo ukes I can't stop dreaming about owning one, but they're pretty expensive. I've been practicing clawhammer on my Martin and I'm slowly making progress at long last. My problem is that I have a bit of a shaky hand so it's taken a lot of effort to keep the shake under control and actually hit the correct string with the back of my forefinger nail. The strings on my Martin soprano are pretty close together and I'm hoping that a banjo ukulele with at least an 8 - 10 inch head will allow a little more room. By the way Down up Dick, I have both books on clawhammer from Aaron and they're great, Cheers, John (West Australia)
  6. SteveZ
    John, have you tried using a pick? I find I have a lot greater control with one.
  7. John A
    John A
    Hi Steve... no, I have never tried a pick as I like to finger pick, also I'm mainly practising clawhammer these days, determined to master it, in spite of the wobbles! Thanks for the tip though... cheers, John
  8. SteveZ
    Tried clawhammer, came out like sledgehammer. I've got reasonable control over a flatpick, so it's been the go-to for quite a while.
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