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  1. Down Up Dick
    Down Up Dick
    I think my next Uke is gonna be a Soprano Banjolele. I don't care for soprano Ukes as a rule (I have two), but my present banjolele is big and heavy and very loud. I plunked a little on a soprano in a shop, and it seemed kinda quiet though. Anyway, I want a lighter, open back one when I'm ready to buy.
  2. fynger
    Good choice for an 'at home' it can be a little hard to play quietly on a loud instrument....especially as you get well into a song.
  3. Down Up Dick
    Down Up Dick
    That's what I thought. Mine is a bit overpowering to sing with. Ya know, I've only seen one tenor advertised. I guess nobody makes 'em much, but I dunno why. I like to buy different Ukes, and not all the same kind or pitch. Variety is the spice of life (and uking!).
  4. LloydAZ
    Have you tried putting something between the coordinator rod and the head to muffle the sound a bit? I looked at the Lanikai soprano banjolele at Sam Ash, and it's a beautiful instrument. They had it priced there for $329 which is a bit out of my price range.
  5. Down Up Dick
    Down Up Dick
    No, I haven't done anything about it's loudness. I'm using it for clawhammer right now and not singing.
    $329 sounds pretty steep for a Lanikai Soprano Banjolele. I'd maybe check somewhere else.
  6. Down Up Dick
    Down Up Dick
    I looked at a Gold Tone tenor uke today, and I really liked it. BUT it had a flat resonator board on the back (I wanted an open back one.), and I'm not sure whether it was tuned to DGBE or GCEA. I'd prefer a DGBE, and also it was very expensive. I just can't be laying out all this cash for a bunch of Ukes; does UAS have a cure?
  7. Down Up Dick
    Down Up Dick
    I've decided that I'm a concert guy, so that's what I'm shopping for now. I think open backed ones don't work well for us "husky" guys either, so now I'm looking at ones with flat resonators. The search is on!
  8. fynger
    look forward to seeing what you get
  9. Down Up Dick
    Down Up Dick
    Well, I finally settled on a tenor Gold Tone BUT. I bought it because it can be used with hi-DGBE and hi-GCEA strings, and I already have a concert Banjolele. I just don't care for sopranos.
  10. fynger
    pix please
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