Question about choice of material for adding edge to the "drum"

  1. Henning
    Hello, I realize the vellum of my no name soprano banjulele is about 3.5 mm lower than the fret board. The easiest way to get them in level is to raise the edge of the banjo drum, so to say.
    Now does it matter what material I choose for the edge that I glue on?
    It can be laminated wood or plastic but it's good if it is somewhat adjustable.
    The choise of material considering the sound of the uke, that is.
    The banjo uke has a plastic head if that will make any difference.
  2. fynger
    If it's got good action then I'de say leave it as it is...if it makes the strings hit the frets, can you not try a higher bridge ??
  3. Henning
    No problem with the action. Just that I want to get the strings closer to the vellum.
  4. fynger
  5. Henning
    Ooops, Iīm sorry, but I didnīt really wanīt to add edge to the drum. I just wanted to raise the vellum.

  6. fynger
    you would need the neck remounting slightly lower
  7. Henning
    I choose laminated wood and ordinary wood glue. Raising the vellum ~5 - 6 mm.
    Don't know what made the most, the new strings or the raising of the edge. But I believe the sustain improved and the projection too.

  8. fynger
    nice one ..did you take any pics ??
  9. Henning
    Beg your pardon long time no answer. No I didn't take any pics. What I did was just to saw out a laminated plywood and add it to the drum body, smothering the edges to make it fit nicely and rounded everything off. Lots of work. Now I've grown accustomed to what it sounds like. At first I thought it sounded somewhat better. I realize that to add volume to a banjo uke it is common to lower the drum head (i.e. make a higher action).
  10. IamNoMan
    Henning: I think using a Stronger attack with the right hand may give you more volume with less work for the left hand to do than raising the action. Try using your middle finger when you want volume.
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