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  1. Down Up Dick
    Down Up Dick
    I'm wondering why so many Banjo players, who own banjos, play Banjoleles? I think if I could play the banjo well, I'd be overjoyed to play it all the time.
  2. fynger
    Its quite a shock picking up my Banjos after the Banjolele.....its a long
  3. Down Up Dick
    Down Up Dick
    Yeah, but if you can already play the banjo, what good is a Banjolele? If I was 60 years younger, I'd learn to play the banjo and the oboe. But at my age now, I'm struggling with the Uke.
  4. fynger
    i just enjoy both.
  5. Down Up Dick
    Down Up Dick
    Well, I guess that's what it's all about. Whatever floats our boats, eh?
  6. IamNoMan
    These comments refer to 5 string banjos. Many average banjo players have no conception of playing chords. They play tunes and will change the tuning to make the tune easier to play. The Standard banjo tuning is gDGBD. This is an open G tuning. You can get any major chord simply by Barre-ing. This is very, very boring.
    Being an open G tuned instrument makes it very difficult to play in the key of F, F# and F#m. Three keys I sing well in. It is one of the reasons why I took up the uke.

    Many, many banjo players like old time stylings and strive to emulate specific styles of playing. George Formby was a uke/banjolele player with a very unique and "difficult" split stroke style. It can't really be emulated on the banjo.
    (to be continued)
  7. IamNoMan

    Clawhammer players find playing triplets problematical. If you like 6/8 tunes, jigs, hornpipes, slip-jigs and the like it is easier to learn to play them on the uke. This is particularly so if you want to play to tempo with Irish musicians. Sadly many Irish sessiun musicians insist on high playing standards in their sessiuns and are dismissive of those who do not meet their standards, (I don't know why but its true. The same thing applies with many traditional Irish Storytellers, (Shannchies). I am one of those but I do not subscribe to this philosophy). Strangely enough traditional Irish Singers, (Sean nos) do not ascribe to this tradition.IDK Anyway banjolele allows you to play "Irish" music at a higher skill level and more easily then on a five string banjo.

    One last thing. My old hands actually like the longer reach required on the banjo.
  8. Down Up Dick
    Down Up Dick
    Do any of you banjo players know of Bela Fleck? If so do you like him? I certainly do. He's my favorite and then Earl Scruggs. Just wondering what ya thought.
  9. fynger
    yep great player
  10. IamNoMan
    I've met him. His wife plays banjo too. I like Bela. He pushes the banjo in new and interesting directions. Gold Tone(?) had him design a banjo for them "the Missing Link"

    Another guy that pushes the banjo, different direction though is Richie Stearns, Tompkins County NY. Check him out. Plays with the horseflies, bubba george, Chicken Choakers from Boston if their still around.
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