Kamaka Factory Tour - Did You Go?

  1. VegasGeorge
    Two friends and I went to Honolulu back in about 1996. I had to see the Kamaka shop, and when we were there we were invited to take a tour of the factory. I think it was Fred, Jr. who showed us around. So impressive! I think what impressed me the most was the rack of wood drying. Up till then I had no idea that the manufacture of a quality Ukulele started years in advance of the actual cutting and assembly. I already had Kamaka in my heart, but being shown through the factory in such a friendly and courteous way really cemented the relationship into a permanent bond. I'm hoping to go back one day and see it all again!
  2. molokinirum
    Yes...took the tour during a trip in 2011. Fred Jr. was our guide. It was tons of fun, as the workers let us play all of the Kamakas hanging up!!! I am a big Kamaka fan. The have restored 2 of my ukes, a 1935 Pineapple and a 90s 8 string.
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