Review of Gator wooden case for my KPK tenor

  1. Larry D.
    Larry D.
    I posted this under a couple of discussions for uke cases.
    The Four latches are strong and look like they will take some abuse. The handle is leather and seems like it will also hold up. There is brown leather like material that goes around the lid opening which matches the handle. The lid opens enough to keep it open when you load or unload your uke.
    It also comes with a shoulder strap.
    The interior is blue and very soft with adequate padding. My KPK tenor cutaway fits in like a glove. There is an internal storage space with lid that fits my tuner,picks and strap.
    The case even has "feet" on the bottom side and all the hardware is antique bronze giving a kind of vintage look with the burlap cloth material covering the case.
    The weight is just around 5 pounds but seems to be built like it is 100 pounds.
    It was a toss up between the Crossrock ABS ($89) and the Gator ($79).
    There is also a lifetime warranty if one should need it which suggests these are made to last.
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