Melody Junior - Rehabilitation project

  1. IamNoMan
    Howdy, I have a Melody Junior Banjo-uke I wish to re-habilitate. I Set scale length at 13".Two footed bridge.
    The tuners are shot. They will not stay tuned in gCEA let alone aDF#B. Threads on tuner screws are not buggered. Tried removing a tuner from the headstock but gave it up for a badjob when it wouldn't budge with moderate force. The tuners themselves appear to be original cheap friction type. Each already has a flat washer top and bottom.

    Resonator needs removed. The bolts crazy Brit size. Design requires thin socket. My banjo wrenches NFG. 8" pot, calf-skin head, (?).

    Very dirty, cleaned. Head too.Recommendations for cleaning.

    Fret wires are real finger slicers. Need dressed.

    Some other chicken shit considerations.Comments? Suggestions?This is not my Melody Junior. it appears identical except my headstock is black.
  2. SteveZ
    Well, it will definitely fill all those free and lonely hours (LOL).

    My banjo head wrenches won't work on my Gretsch, either. Have been using a mini adjustible wrench (3 inches long) that came as a keychain fob. Ironcally, it works pretty good and I keep it in the instrument case.

    The more I review your opening post, the bigger the job seems. Thinking about what's in front of you make my little grey cells ache.

    When I'm stuck I go to for ideas and help. is the index. Best overall help site ('s hepl pages are second) tat's I've found. The head cleaning page at looks promising.

    One other thought - you may want to pose specific questions (e.g., stubborn tuners won't go) over at the Banjo Hangout website. The folks there are really helpful and the repair subforum is tops.
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