Let me introduce you to #192 Concert

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  1. Larry D.
    Larry D.
    As with possibly many of our family members I was hesitant to take the chance of ordering a ukulele from another country from a company I never heard of outside UU. There were some rather harsh postings filled with warning from possible prison sentences, to the destruction the rain forest and in between (OK I may have exaggerated a wee bit). Other makers who use Cocobolo in the U.S. are different for they purchase their wood from others who ensure that the wood taken from the forests is done so ethically. An in using "modern" tools they are more responsible than the primitive way ours are made that must add up to $2000 to "their quality" ukuleles.

    As for me and I am sure many of our other family members we are very happy with the quality, service and sincerity of the owner and builders and are proud to be a member of the Cocobolo Ukulele Family! I know I sure am. Thank you Silvio, Kevin and the team.

    Please share your experiences.
  2. a11sus
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  3. a11sus
    Let me introduce you to #182 Concert (Part Deux)

    My story began with a quick question on a FaceBook page asking for advice on a new ukulele. Someone posted a link to Cocobolo Ukuleles and I went to have a look at their website. I had seen other cocobolo-made ukuleles being advertised on FB and had already liked the wood but what I saw on their website made me fall in love. It wasn't long before Keith had liked a couple of my posts on FB and very quickly I felt like I was joining a very friendly family.

    A late night conversation with my mum had her offering to pay for the new acquisition and all too soon Keith had sent photos of two ukuleles to choose from. I chose the more distinctive of the two and settled down to wait for the loooong delivery to the UK.

    It actually didn’t take as long as I had expected and all too soon the courier's knock came to the door

  4. a11sus
    An added bonus was the newsletter tucked in with it, and to my daughter's delight, several sheets of Nicaraguan newspaper which she smoothed out and took in to school to show her Spanish teacher!

    I didn’t play it immediately - the first thing I did was change the strings over to the Aquila Red Low G strings I had bought in advance. This brought it's own problems in that the slotted nut was cut for the thinner strings and I nipped out to B&Q to buy a set of fine files to very very gently file the G slot a little to allow the string to fit.

  5. a11sus
    Bearing in mind that the Aquila Red had had a reputation for breaking willy nilly (since solved I believe) I was being very watchful for fraying on the strings and, in watching out for this I saw them fraying starting, then realised that I had popped the saddle back in the wrong way round and had set the strings up for failure! They were taken off, re-strung, and off we went again. Thankfully I hadn't trimmed the strings and was able to avoid the frayed area!
  6. a11sus
    I kept hearing a buzz from it and after a lot of Googling decided it was from the un-cut excess strings. These were snipped and the problem seemed to disappear.

    It took less than a week for the strings to bed in nicely and I am happy with the Low G string - I think I will keep it. This was something I saw on one of Cocobolo Ukuleles videos - I think it was Tiki who played with the Low G on a Tenor - very nice - and I had to copy
  7. a11sus
    I am now at the stage where I am talking to Keith again about my next purchase - I was going for a Tenor, then a Super Concert, and am now thinking about a Tenor again .. . Watch this space

  8. Cocobolo Ukuleles
    Cocobolo Ukuleles
    Great post Susan! Glad to hear that your uke is treating you well, and that your daughter enjoyed her Spanish comics
  9. Larry D.
    Larry D.
    Susan, did you not like the Aquila's that came with her? I have a KPK that came with Worth's which I like on it, as far as my Cocobolo I think she sounds great as she came.
    But I must admit yours look great with the "reds"!
  10. Snaky
    Hi Susan, My tenor is strung with a high G as was, when it arrived,( Aquilla nylgut ) and ,after nearly 3 months I'm still undecided about using a high G. A couple of tunes I have been learning lately are played by David Beckingham( utube) and he is using what is being called a Super concert uke with a high G, and so haven't looked into changing the G string. I think it comes down to your personal taste, and to start, you have the right Ukulele(COCO) eh!...cheers TIKI
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