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  1. Larry D.
    Larry D.
    Welcome and if you own a Cocobolo Ukulele you have experienced the wonderful qualities of these little "Works of Art". I love mine more every day and from what I am told she will open up in time. What a treat that will be for her voice is very lovely now!

    Please share your thoughts and experiences with us and of course any tips to makes our Cocobolo's even better.

    Larry D.
  2. a11sus
    Ha! I don't know what the magic number of posts was, or the amount of time joined, but this time I got the Join button when I looked Here I ammmmmm

    I'll add my photos tomorrow

    Night night

  3. Snaky
    Hi Guys! Glad to be a coco nut and to be associated with the group. My "BIG RED" has been a joy to play, and before I put her away , can't help admiring the look . I still do this with my Concert , yeh!, just lovely...Snaky TIKI
  4. Snaky
    I'm after some feedback on strings. Here in OZ Aquilla are the main strings of any quality , available here. I've read afew reports on flourocarbons and one brand seems to get the thumbs up are Living waters, my question is what other flouros are there and are they any good in sound compared to aquillas....thanks Tiki Snaky
  5. VoiceofTJ
    I have D'darrios on my tenor, and it sings!
  6. FuzzeeSock
    HI all thank you for making this group! I see there hasn't been a post in awhile, but glad to join the Cocobolo Family. I was the very very lucky winner of Cocobolo Tenor #313, from the batch of ukes around the end of May, 2019. I am very happy with mine so far, I still can't believe i have one. Ever since they moved to the lottery system, it has been extremely difficult to obtain one! I've been trying for 2 years, and finally destiny put me together with tenor 313.
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