1. Snaky
    Hey Guys 'looking for some feedback on different strings , apart from Aquilla, being used on the Coco's, if you have done so... cheers Tiki
  2. VoiceofTJ
    I have Aquillas on the Soprano, Worth floros on the concert, D'darrios on the tenor, and wound/Aquillas on the baritone. My favorite to play is the tenor, but I don't know how much of that relates to the string choice.
  3. Lillymo
    I have a Super Soprano and wanted to try low G tuning. After some googling I chose fluorocarbon for the C, E and A strings: Worth Clear CM. The G is a silver wound string Mya-Moe uses for low G soprano or concert: D'Addario NYL026w. Sounds pretty great.
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