1. Snaky
    Hey Guys 'looking for some feedback on different strings , apart from Aquilla, being used on the Coco's, if you have done so... cheers Tiki
  2. VoiceofTJ
    I have Aquillas on the Soprano, Worth floros on the concert, D'darrios on the tenor, and wound/Aquillas on the baritone. My favorite to play is the tenor, but I don't know how much of that relates to the string choice.
  3. Lillymo
    I have a Super Soprano and wanted to try low G tuning. After some googling I chose fluorocarbon for the C, E and A strings: Worth Clear CM. The G is a silver wound string Mya-Moe uses for low G soprano or concert: D'Addario NYL026w. Sounds pretty great.

    Update 6/12/19: My initial enthusiasm for low G on my Cocobolo Super Soprano faded. In retrospect, low G never quite worked on this ukulele. I switched to the high G that came with the Worth Clear CMs. Definitely better than the Aquillas it came with, but not the perfect pairing I hoped for - still looking!
  4. FuzzeeSock
    I have Tenor #313. The WBT on it that came were good. But i found the treble side still too bright on attack, for my ears and style of playing. I've put on D'Addario Carbon, Living Water, and then Luthier Super Carbon 101, and last night, put on Worth Brown Fat Low G.

    D'Addario Carbon low G = full sound, but still bright, thick Low G creating a big Ummpfh, but nice feel on fingers, compared to Worth, which cut into my fingers a bit.

    Living Water Low G = Very nice feel, but squeeky, on the quiet side, and trebles still too bright.

    Luthier Super Carbon Low G = Nice feel. More flexible than previous flouros, good warm bass and mids, trebles a tad warmer than previous, but still twangy on certain notes. Could be just the hardness of cocobolo in general.

    Worth Brown Fat Low G = super lush, bell like tone, very round ( i prefer round for jazz and fingerstyle ), took the edge off the trebles and beautiful sustain and tone. Good volume. My favs so far!
  5. YogiTom
    Very good thread! I have a teak model, and have yet to change out the stock WB set. They sound awesome to my ear.

    That said, I’m planning to put a Fremont Low G string on, as I prefer my concerts/tenors tunes linearly. For fingerpicking, I like having the spread of the voicing rather than having strings 1 & 4 be just a whole step apart.

    I’ll report back after the swap has settled!
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