what happens here?

  1. turtledrum
    I've only been a seasonista for a few weeks.

    Just wondering...what happens in this forum group?
  2. Croaky Keith
    Croaky Keith
    Not a lot it would seem.

    Just joined & see most is from 2012!

    I also joined the Kala group, & that is not active either.
  3. bnolsen
    i don't think people are informed of updated posts to any of the groups, so they don't get much traffic.
  4. librainian
    yeah it's just so we get the cool badge on our profile.
  5. Booli
    knock knock! HELLO?

    Is anybody ALIVE IN HERE?


    (hears echo from the emtpy space)

    ok. you all know where to find me.
  6. bird's eye view of my ukelele
    bird's eye view of my ukelele
    i never knew this existed!!!!!!!!!!!

    what's it for???!!!
  7. Surly-Mac
    SHHHHH!! This place is for.... light reading & naps..💤
  8. Croaky Keith
    Croaky Keith
    Just noticed - looks like only the last years worth of posts are kept here - when I joined, there were posts from 2012 in here - just saying.
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