New Kala

  1. Down Up Dick
    Down Up Dick
    Well, I bought a new Kala yesterday, and, now, I have three; so I thought I'd join this group.

    My first new Uke was a Kala KA-SEM "Exotic Mahogany" soprano. I'm not really a soprano person though, so I don't play it much. It looks nice on the wall.

    My second Kala was my KA-FMB "Flamed Maple" baritone with a solid spruce top. I really like it, but I worry about the top crackin'. It's my fingerpickin' and slide (maybe) Uke. I like the sound and the looks. It too is a keeper.

    And yesterday I bought a high gloss mahogany KA-8 8 string. It's beautiful! I really like that it's high gloss. The strings are still stretchin', so it's difficult to hear what it really sounds like. It too, is plywood which I prefer, because of the humidity problems.

    I really like my Kalas now, and I plan to keep and play them all.
  2. Down Up Dick
    Down Up Dick
    Well, this group is deader'n a door nail. Nobody got nothin' to say about Kalas? Most of these groups are about like this one. I wonder why we join them . . .
  3. Croaky Keith
    Croaky Keith
    I seemed to be the only person on here lately, so I know how you're feeling; maybe people don't know it's here(?).

    Anyway, I've just received my new KA-SEME this morning, along with a Danelectro mini amp & cable, so I need to go & 'play' now.
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