Anyone still here?

  1. Rtnrlfy
    Not a lot of activity here... just wondering. I've been focused almost exclusively on classical of late, and sometimes it feels a bit isolated (few uke meetups do classical, etc.). How about y'all?
  2. actadh
    I don't have any uke groups nearby, so my focus on classical is for my enjoyment. I have a several UU downloads that I am working through, such as the Welti pdf's.
  3. Millbrook
    Hi -- I haven't been on this board for quite awhile. Three years ago, I got interested in 4-course Renaissance guitar (the 16th century ancestor of all guitars and ukuleles) and I've been taking lessons on that from a teacher of early guitar and lute. Just picked up my ukulele again a few weeks ago and now I can actually play much of the turn-of-the-century Hawaiian stuff in John King's books. Fingerstyle soprano ukulele has such a wonderful sweet sound!
  4. Low-G

    Discovered UU a few days ago, and have just found this group. I have been arranging Renaissance music (a few old war-horses) for low G, with the hope that I will be able to play them eventually. I have had the temerity to post them on this site and on a blog (

    I'll keep my eyes on this group.

    Season's greetings

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