The Uke that dosen't exist - part 2

  1. studemobile
    The only production steel string baritone I know of is the Pono which is expensive and is not recommended for low G - C tuning. Other possibilities are 17 fret Irish tenor Banjoes and short scale tenor guitars like the KALA. You need to be comfortable with a 1.125 -1.25 nut width however. Cigarbox instruments and other user made instruments are possible as is conversions. My main instrument is a Oscar Schmidt OGHS 1/2 guitar. These have a 1.5" nut width and a 22" scale length. I have an older model with a 20" scale.
    One option that is NOT recommended is regular converting Baritone ukulele that was designed for nylon strings.
    I am able to uke strum, clawhammer, carter pick and finger pick as well as flat pick the steel string instrument. Converting to 4 strings looks kind of funny up the neck but I don't find myself beyond the 5th fret much anyway.
    I don't know if there is enough interest to make a group but I thought I would get it a go.
    Grandpa G
  2. Benjolele
    I like the look of that new Kala Tenor guitar, and a solid top instrument for $200 sure seems appealing. The narrow nut width though is what kept me from buying one.

    Re: Pono. Any idea why they recommend against low G-C? Does it have a truss rod? If so, I'd think it should be okay. Of course I'm not a luthier or an engineer.
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