How does your Cocobolo compare with your Koaloha?

  1. Dionysis
    I've been loving my concert Cocobolo. I am considering buying a Koaloha. I wonder if any of you have both in the same size and will offer me a comparison between the two. Unfortch no one in my fair city carries Koaloha, and videos just don't tell the story.

    Will you help a Cocobrother out?

    Best regards, and happy finger-picking! D
  2. pinkuke
    I have a Cocobolo baritone. It has a deep, bassy, guitar like sound with lots of volume and sustain, partly due to its size. My concert Koaloha has a loud, more classic ukulele sound with nice sustain. Very bright. The ukuleles sound very different. Cocobolo has a more warm sound. I prefer the sound of the Cocobolo, but that is a personal preference. Hope that helps.
  3. Dionysis
    In the end I bought a concert Kanilea and Koaloha. I already had a koa Martin (Mex made), 2 Kiwayas made of laminate and an HPL Enya. A couple of my friends who were over to play agreed to a blind sound test. They sort of tied the Martin, Kanilea, and Koaloha, while finding differences between them. The Cocobolo came after those, and the laminates were last. I was surprised, because to me the Cocobolo was up there in the running. In the end I think the Cocobolo’s side sound hole made it sound better to me comparitively, and also because the other three were all koa the “judges” may have partly preffered the koa sound.

    I am putting the Kani and Martin up for sale, hope to be able to hang in to the Koaloha and Cocobolo, but I will try to make a short sound comparison viddy and if so, I’ll let ya’all know.
  4. Snargle
    Old thread, but I just found this group, so I'll throw my two cents into the conversation.

    I have a cedar-topped Cocobolo Concert and a Koa KoAloha Concert. Both are great ukuleles. I prefer the Cocobolo for general strumming and mellow fingerpicking. The KoAloha is louder and brighter and gets used more when I want a clear, snappy, loud sound. If I had to choose between the two, it would be the Cocobolo as the more well-rounded instrument.
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