O Canada!

  1. the52blues
    I just finished an arrangement for O Canada for the ukulele (GCEA -low G tuning) in Power Tab Editor. I have it also converted to a pdf file. My only problem is I made a tabbing error in bar 11 and cannot figure out how to edit it. For now I have a second pdf file with the corrected 11th bar.
    If anyone would like to try it I'd be glad to send it to you. I'd also like to know if anyone here uses PTE and can tell me how to edit it properly. Thanks.
  2. the52blues
    I resolved the issue and have corrected my arrangement so it is now available in one pdf file.
  3. Lime
    Where is the pdf?
  4. Jim Yates
    Jim Yates
    I'd like to give it a shot 52blues. (May I call you 52blues?)
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